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My name is Doron, aka DoroNess – a freelance web developer from Israel. I first started to seriously work with WordPress in 2015. I loved it from the first moment I saw it. It is a wonderful system, supported by a great community.

While working on projects, I noticed that the existing sources for WP development information are lacking. Sure – there are countless groups on Facebook, there is StackExchange – but you can’t always get the people’s attention there and find your answer. Moreover – the question is sometimes not that simple. Sometimes you need to figure out how to do something complex or need to get enough information to help you decide what is the best course of action to take. Sometimes you just need to learn a new skill to solve a problem. So what do you do? you Google your question and try to find information that is relevant. This is where wpUniverse comes in.

wpUniverse search is built on google search. Basically what it does is to search your query in a highly targeted and high-quality list of sites that are related to WordPress development (web development in general, but mainly WordPress) instead of the entire interweb. You can find more detailed instructions on how to use this on the homepage (click the “How to use this” button). Hopefully, the fact that the search is performed in a narrow list of sources (currently about 150 and counting) – will lead to better results, and help you find an untapped source, you wouldn’t otherwise find.

I would love to hear any suggestions or lead to another high-quality blog or site to add to the search engine.

    You can contact me directly: [email protected] or via Facebook or via my linkedin profile

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