The Best Web Developer Gift for Your Web Developer friend

The Ultimate Guide for Non-developers on Web Developer Gift Shopping

We, Developers, are an odd bunch. For a non-developer our behavior might look strange – fiddling all day with code and technical issues, staring at the screen with a blank expression, and occasionally murmuring stuff (usually, in my case variations of the F word).

On the other hand – we are also simple people. We love what we do, and it doesn’t take much to make us happy. That makes it very hard to buy a gift for a web developer. Of curse, you can always go with the banal – a keyboard, some stupid tee-shirt with some developers’ Mambo-Jambo that must chance you don’t really understand – or a coffee mug.

If you really want to make your developer friend happy – take a piece of advice from a developer: don’t get the mug or the tee shirt. Get him (or her) something they can actually use, and that will help them on their work – thus making them a better and happier person.

The following list is my own favorite products that I personally used or added to my wishlist.


Lifetime deal | 49$ 90$

The official description: All-in-one browser extension for web development. Made to improve and ease your daily development experience. Made to improve and ease your daily development experience. Best for: Web Developers looking for a suite of tools to enhance your web development experience and boost your productivity.

The non-developer explanation: Hoverify helps your developer friend to get the job done quicker.


DevBox – The Developer Toolbox

Lifetime deal | 59$

The official description: DevBox is a collection of utilities (65 and counting), cheat sheets (15 and counting), and snippets (65 and counting) that can be utilized during development.

The non-developer explanation: lots of cool web developer gadgets to make it look like you are a real pro (and aid in the day-to-day development tasks).

DevBox - The Developer Toolbox

tabExtend – More than just a tab manager

1-year deal | 15$ 25$

The official description: A revolutionary approach to managing and saving your browser’s tabs. Regain your attention and easily transition between topics. Take quick notes. Share and collaborate from anywhere. 

The non-developer explanation: My own personal favorite. Not just for developers – but very useful for them. Get rid of that awful endless tabs open nightmare.

Featured image

RocketScrape – Fast and reliable API for
Web Scraping

Lifetime deal | 149$ 1500$

The official description: RocketScrape API allows you to scrape HTML or JSON from any page with a single API call.
Handles a large number of proxies, browsers, and geolocations, allowing you to concentrate just on data collecting.
A powerful request builder that transforms your requests into production-ready code snippets.

The non-developer explanation: Let you gather data from the world wide web – to do all sorts of cool stuff with it.

Lifetime deal | 149$ 1500$

RocketScrape - Fast and reliable API for
Web Scraping

Codegrip – Automated Code Review

1-year deal | 69$ 180$

The official description: An automatic code review tool for detecting flaws, bugs, duplications, and vulnerabilities in code.
Integrates with GitHub, Bitbucket, and Gitlab for quick code review.
Features such as Manage Code Duplications, Rule Customization, No Code Storage, Automated Code Review at Every Commit, and so on are available.

The non-developer explanation: Gives the developer a slap on the wrist every time he makes something stupid.

Codegrip - Automated Code Review

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